Bee Mobile
Bee Mobile

“Bee Mobile” is your easy mobile payment tool that you can recharge and use it at any time to pay a lot of services in Egypt. You can get mobile credit, pay your mobile, internet landline, electricity and more other bills in few seconds from the mobile payment feature in the app. Bee Mobile accepts VISA® and MasterCard® credit and debit cards. Through using a single mobile application you can pay various services using multiple credit/debit cards from different banks, you no longer required to hassle between payments and keeping track of receipts and payments due.

Also the app has the locator function to locate your nearest Bee Smart payment solutions outlet for you using your location on map and redirecting you.

Do you remember this day when you had a very important stuff to do and the internet decided to stop working because you forgot to pay your bill? And do you remember when you were setting with friends and family, and really wanted to go to the cinema but you canceled the whole idea because you were afraid not to catch a good seat by going late from the traffic?

These days are over with the Bee Mobile payment app, all you need to do is to make sure you have credit in your account to pay anytime from your mobile any service you wish!

About Bee:
Bee Smart Payment solutions is an electronic payment company working in Egypt since 2010 and is available everywhere nationwide. Any outlet offering the Bee payment services is offering you the ability to pay your bills, recharge your mobile and buy Google play cards along with so many other services and pay in cash! This application is giving you the same option of paying all your payments but from your mobile not from the outlet. The locator function in the application will direct you easily to your nearest outlets so that you can buy a Bee Card to recharge your application and be ready at anytime.

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